Cub Scout Cake Auction

I’d really like to be posting about a situation that happened today, but in order to protect myself for the moment I am refocusing that effort into talking about the Cub Scout Annual Cake Auction. I am the COR for our pack, which was a position thrust upon me when our pack almost fell apart. We had a treasurer that stole all the money and ran off. Who steals from scouts? Anyways, the COR is over everyone and I am still figuring out what I am supposed to be doing. Our pack recently recruited like 33 new scouts so now we have 45 scouts in our pack and it’s a little chaotic. Our monthly meeting is Tuesday and it is my favorite pack meeting we do all year.

The annual cake auction is our big fundraising for the year – every successful auction means we won’t have to do car washes (YUCK!), popcorn sales, or other various stuff. We do a couple of other minor ones but this is our big deal. It is so much fun – we have some really creative parents in our groups so it’s kind of an ordeal. Some parents hire professional cake decorators or spend hours designing their item. Every year, I’ve always had BIG plans that don’t quite turn out. The first year I thought I would do these really cute little ghost cakes… I cooked them 1 hour before the pack meeting to find out they didn’t hold their shape in the oven. Bummer.

The picture up above was one of our contributions last year – turned out pretty OK. That is jello in the middle to simulate blood. It seems like cupcakes are the biggest sellers so this year I’ve been test baking some ideas. Since I want it to be a surprise I won’t post pictures of what I am thinking but I will post after the auction.

And can I tell you that we always buy way too much at the cake auction and never eat it all?? But it looks so good!


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