The word for 2011 is…

I know, I know. It’s a little late to be posting “resolutions” or what the word of 2011 is. But I’ve been busy, ok? So just go with it. Anyways, last year I was introduced to the idea of choosing 1 word that is your focus word of the year. I was a little late to adopt it so I don’t have 1 from last year. I polled Facebook for what other people chose as their words to get some inspiration. There was a good range of words: Spectacular, Positive, Promise, Prosperous, Kindness, and Patience. I loved all of these. I really was leaning towards Focus as my word. But something about it just didn’t resonate. It didn’t feel like it would encompass everything I hope for 2011. After searching and thinking and spending a couple of hours on thesaurus.com & dictionary.com, I found my word: Balance.

When I first think of Balance, I immediately think of the struggle of work and life. I definitely could use help in that area but I think that the word Balance extends past that. It’s about balancing the demands of my family and my own needs, exercising vs. being lazy, stressing vs. relaxing, spending vs. saving, being a wild child vs. a homebody. I feel like over the years as I become more of a grown-up, I tackle different challenges, and life changes, I’ve lost my balance. So what better way to get back on track then choosing 1 word and telling the whole world about it?

I own 3 companies so I tend to be a little obsessive. I can work crazy long hours but after awhile, my productivity goes way downhill. I need to balance the priorities and client fires with things I can delegate or just take off my list altogether. I need to look for ways to streamline productivity. Also, I need to schedule play days, whether they be on the weekend or during the week. Once it’s on my calendar, I need to honor the commitment and truly be off. No email checking, taking just 1 call or looking at 1 report. Let’s face it, my work isn’t brain surgery. A few hours of being unavailable will NOT stop the world (Ouch, that was my ego taking a hit).

I’m also going to try to balance more with my jewelry company. Rubber Duckie Creations tends to go in waves. I get really motivated and work my tail off, building custom orders, doing shows, and promoting. Then I get busy, and I quit doing that stuff. In 2011 I want to be more consistent with it.

The biggest focus for work balance will be leaving work at the office (or at the computer, depending). I come home and stress about work. I rant and rave, obsess and analyze client situations. I dream about work. (Hopefully if you are a client reading this you understand I do this because I truly care about you and want the best). I give 110% to work. I need to learn to let go and that it does work itself out.

Stress Level Balance: This is probably the most important balance for 2011. I’m a stresser by nature. I stress about work, I stress about my personal life, I stress, period. Stress kills. I keep hearing this and although I know it’s true, I haven’t been taking it seriously enough. I stress, A LOT. It’s actually kind of embarrassing. I bite my nails, I get stomach aches, I don’t sleep. I’m kind of a mess. The big goal will be balancing stress. It’s vital. I broke my foot 3 months ago. I just had a dr. appt and the bones aren’t healing as fast as they should be. I’ve been doing everything the dr. told me. I feel pretty confident my stress level is to thank for this. Anyone who knows about the personal situation Eric and I are facing right now, will know that this stress less goal seems a little impossible right now – but it just makes me even more determined to tackle this.

I’m also going to try to achieve more balance with this blog. Posting regularly and variety on topics. I hope you stay for the adventure and can help keep me on track.

Successfully yours,



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