Books and my Nerdiness

So to prove what a true geek I am, I have added a page to the blog with a list of the books I read in 2011 with a page count. I told my husband I was going to celebrate when I got to 10,000 pages read and his response was, “By taking a nap so you can rest your eyes?” So silly, this husband of mine.

Anyways, would love to hear what you are reading, what you’d recommend, and what emotions you have about certain books or reading in general. 🙂

Oh! And here’s a sneak peek of a craft I’ve been working on the last couple of days…

Mysterious I know… More to be shown later…


3 thoughts on “Books and my Nerdiness

  1. Very mysterious picture! 🙂 I just finished “Make a Name For Yourself” by Robin Fisher Roffer; it is quite insipiring and has given me some great information that should work if I start my own business or remain an employee. I started “Sun Tzu for Women” by Becky Sheetz-Runkle; perhaps a bit too militaristic/martial arts-y for me, but it has already given me a great idea for improving my resume. Now off to check your page, Nic, and see what you’re reading.

    1. Hi Jessica, Oh I love business books too. How cool! I think Peggy had recommended Sun Tzu to me before but I still haven’t read it. I have a looooong list of books to conquer! Thanks for checking out the blog 🙂

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