Indiana Jones Houdini



I decided 2 years ago that I really wanted a tortoise. Well really a turtle but after doing some research I decided I wanted a tortoise. I bought Speedy Scuba Steve from PetSmart. We had him for almost a year before he disappeared one day. I left him in the backyard and when Eric went to get him, he was gone. We searched for 4 hours with 6 of us and still didn’t find him. It was heartbreaking.
A few months later I was searching on Craigslist and stumbled upon someone who had found a Russian tortoise. I went to see him on the off chance it was Scuba. It wasn’t but they sent the tortoise home with me anyway. I decided he needed a different name so we came up with Indiana Jones Houdini. Indy for short and a reference to his sense of adventure.
     He has been hibernating for the last 4 months. On Daylight Savings he woke up. He’s been on the crawl since. He wants out of his tank constantly. And he’s eating like a horse! I let him out Thursday and he spent 20 minutes trying to eat a toy motorcycle. Friday night he climbed into a bookshelf. And tonight he’s been stalking the dogs. He crawls over to them and then gets right next to them. He’s a wonderful addition to our family and im so grateful to have him here.


3 thoughts on “Indiana Jones Houdini

  1. This is quite possibly my favorite thing ever. Great post, great name, great pet! My sister used to have a roommate with a baby python named Murphy. Murphy liked to escape inside the house and pop out of the kitchen cabinets when you’d finally given up on him.

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