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Sometimes all you need is a little push…


Dream Big

I think we all go through rough times in our life. Some things are harder than others. I think Eric and I are getting all of ours out of the way this year!

Which brings me to this story. There’s a Business Coach I met about 3 years ago at a work conference. I thought she was amazing and have stalked followed her on social media since. Her name is Honoree Corder. She’s a professional ass kicker (a title that is well-earned). She recently tweeted about a business conference she is putting on in Italy.

Oh my god, do I want to go. I’d kill LOVE to go. It is a trip of a lifetime. It could seriously catapult RDC into a new realm. I NEED to be there. The downside is that there is a hefty price tag (think $12,000+). At this point in our life, it feels like the price tag could be $1,000,000. Needless to say, I was heartbroken Thursday after reading about it. I’ve felt so down about outside events that feeling like there was one more thing I couldn’t do put me over the edge. I threw a big pity party for myself that night. I also happened to tweet to Honoree about my desire to go but that I didn’t think I could get there.

Well, the stars aligned and she responded. Now Honoree and I have met before and we have interacted. However in my world, I feel like Honoree is a big celebrity. She’s accomplished SO much and she is a force of nature. So when she responded I felt like Whoa, this is *BIG*. Not only did Honoree respond, she offered to talk with me on the phone. (Important to note: Honoree charges $1,000 an HOUR. She’s THAT good.) Just the fact that she was willing to talk with me, made me feel like I’d hit a home run. I had the pleasure of talking to her for an hour on Friday. We talked about life and business and my desire to go to Italy but feeling like it was impossible. Honoree listened, empathized, and then kicked my ass (in a good way). She offered me some solid suggestions. But more importantly, she offered me her time. She didn’t have to. But she took a chance. And it reminded me that MY life is in MY control. Sure, there are instances and people out of my control. But I can work hard and achieve big things. I had lost sight of that. I was feeling stuck and sorry for myself. I think it is pretty easy with all of the problems people are facing right now to feel that way. You get tired, you feel trapped in a job or relationship or insert your problem here, and you feel like this is the hand you’ve been dealt. Honoree remind me that’s not true. *I* am in  control. Sure, it can be uncomfortable to set big goals and dream big, but it’s not impossible.

I feel like my energy has quadrupled since talking with her. I have felt on top of the world and I’ve gotten more done in the last 24 hours to reach these goals then I’ve done in the past 3 months. I have some big goals but none of them are out of reach. I can work hard and hit them. One of my top 3 is getting to Italy in 2012. Not impossible, but not easy. I look forward to the challenge.

If you want to learn more about Honoree visit her at or follow her on

If you want to watch me hit these goals, stay tuned!



2 thoughts on “Sometimes all you need is a little push…

  1. Good for me to read tonight! I feel like I’m drowning but like I’m the only one with my head above water. That probably makes no sense. Anyway, that’s awesome that she talked to you, and even better that you have some goals set. It’s always good to see a post from you!

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