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This is what weekends are made of…

Have to finish my applications for upcoming art shows that I’ve been procrastinating on but had to stop in to my little blog.

Leading into the weekend, I had breakfast with my grandma Thursday morning. It was an amazing way to start my workday. I wish I always did that.

Friday we decided to do PJ day at work. Loved the laid-back feel and we got SO much done! Then Eric stopped by to say Hi. I love that man and I super love when he stops by the office. He had a double-header for soccer. It started drizzling rain for the first 20 minutes – the weather was cool, the breeze was nice, and since the rain wasn’t unexpected, made it all the better. We stopped for a Slurpee before the game. I have a tradition with Slurpees – I always get the 2nd to largest one and I do 3/4 Coke, followed by some cherry, finished with more Coke on top. What is your Slurpee tradition? Then after soccer we went out to eat.


Saturday morning I found myself awake early for really no reason. But it was nice to catch up on Facebook and talk to some friends on Twitter and finish the back of my magnets. Then it was a Starbucks run and the husband dropped me off to his cousin’s class for Stamp Camp. She’s a Stampin’ Up consultant and monthly does a get together where you pay a small fee and make a ton of fun cards and projects. I had such a blast! I’m new to scrapbooking/card making so it was fun to try it out but with specific projects so I didn’t get overwhelmed. While I was there, my husband got my oil changed, washed my car, did laundry, and vaccuumed. Did you know I’m spoiled? Yea, my husband’s amazing.

After craft time we did some of the house chores and then I came home and took a 3 hour nap. I haven’t been sleeping well from all of the stress so the nap was much needed and appreciated. Some Chinese food and movies topped off the night, but of course it wasn’t complete without some craft time. I’ve got some major projects under wraps for upcoming shows so I am trying new things. Ironing plastic bags is one of the requirements…


Today has been a continuation of relaxation, crafting, and fun. The weather has been overcast, with off and on rain showers. I did have one little moment of stress. Eric went up to the shooting range so my plan was to bust out some of the dishes that are threatening to take care over the kitchen and catch up on some laundry. Well I decided to watch a lifetime movie I’d DVR’d since I’d watched my other TV… I ended up getting all wrapped up in the plot and found myself a little freaked out. I was in the process of getting clothes together for the wash when Eric bust through the front door. I about peed myself from fear. Eric laughed and banned Lifetime for a little while. It was hysterical. Now time to finish these apps, cook some dinner, and finish this Dane Cook Comedy Special. He’s pretty darn funny.


Oh! Sneak peek on upcoming magnets…

New Magnets - Almost complete and up on Etsy

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