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This is what weekends are made of…

Have to finish my applications for upcoming art shows that I’ve been procrastinating on but had to stop in to my little blog.

Leading into the weekend, I had breakfast with my grandma Thursday morning. It was an amazing way to start my workday. I wish I always did that.

Friday we decided to do PJ day at work. Loved the laid-back feel and we got SO much done! Then Eric stopped by to say Hi. I love that man and I super love when he stops by the office. He had a double-header for soccer. It started drizzling rain for the first 20 minutes – the weather was cool, the breeze was nice, and since the rain wasn’t unexpected, made it all the better. We stopped for a Slurpee before the game. I have a tradition with Slurpees – I always get the 2nd to largest one and I do 3/4 Coke, followed by some cherry, finished with more Coke on top. What is your Slurpee tradition? Then after soccer we went out to eat.


Saturday morning I found myself awake early for really no reason. But it was nice to catch up on Facebook and talk to some friends on Twitter and finish the back of my magnets. Then it was a Starbucks run and the husband dropped me off to his cousin’s class for Stamp Camp. She’s a Stampin’ Up consultant and monthly does a get together where you pay a small fee and make a ton of fun cards and projects. I had such a blast! I’m new to scrapbooking/card making so it was fun to try it out but with specific projects so I didn’t get overwhelmed. While I was there, my husband got my oil changed, washed my car, did laundry, and vaccuumed. Did you know I’m spoiled? Yea, my husband’s amazing.

After craft time we did some of the house chores and then I came home and took a 3 hour nap. I haven’t been sleeping well from all of the stress so the nap was much needed and appreciated. Some Chinese food and movies topped off the night, but of course it wasn’t complete without some craft time. I’ve got some major projects under wraps for upcoming shows so I am trying new things. Ironing plastic bags is one of the requirements…


Today has been a continuation of relaxation, crafting, and fun. The weather has been overcast, with off and on rain showers. I did have one little moment of stress. Eric went up to the shooting range so my plan was to bust out some of the dishes that are threatening to take care over the kitchen and catch up on some laundry. Well I decided to watch a lifetime movie I’d DVR’d since I’d watched my other TV… I ended up getting all wrapped up in the plot and found myself a little freaked out. I was in the process of getting clothes together for the wash when Eric bust through the front door. I about peed myself from fear. Eric laughed and banned Lifetime for a little while. It was hysterical. Now time to finish these apps, cook some dinner, and finish this Dane Cook Comedy Special. He’s pretty darn funny.


Oh! Sneak peek on upcoming magnets…

New Magnets - Almost complete and up on Etsy


Monkey Bread and Monkeys

What an amazing weekend we just had. I wish we could duplicate and bottle it for many weekends to come. Friday night Eric had a soccer game. With the recent crazy weather we’ve been having, of course a monsoon hit 1/2 way between the game. But it was pretty fun. The boy was running around, screaming and playing while it poured. Unfortunately Eric’s team lost but it was fun. We came home and enjoyed the new patio set a neighbor gave us. The weather was beautiful. It drizzled on and off. The boy and the dogs were content to run through the mist while we all laughed and talked.

Saturday morning is quickly becoming my new favorite ritual. A girlfriend and I grab Starbucks, catch up on the week, and then we go pick up our food co-op. It’s kind of like a local farmer’s market but you don’t pick what you get in your basket. It is always a ton of fruits and veggies so by splitting it, we aren’t overwhelmed with the quantity. It’s so nice to have scheduled girl time to look forward to as we continue on this crazy rollercoaster. After the girl time, it was family time. We had errands to run and a library to visit so we could all get new music. We had done a donation drive and collected blankets, pillows, and towels for a local animal shelter that didn’t have enough supplies. According to Eric, I am not allowed to go to the animal shelter by myself as I will adopt any/all dogs with a sob story so he insisted on going with me to drop everything off. This was probably a very smart choice on his part. Lucas and I wandered through all of the halls, oohing and aahing at the cute and heartbreaking dogs they had. I for sure would’ve adopted one. After that we were all starving so we went to Farmer Boy’s for lunch. Have you ever eaten there? All of their food has been delicious but their standout specialties are definitely zucchini sticks and their hand scooped shakes. Yum!

To continue on the path of fun, we decided to take The boy and 2 of his cousins to a local baseball game. It was a double-header and due to the storms, the weather wasn’t too bad. We purposely arrived to the game late to avoid the free item they were giving out but attendance wasn’t stellar so they still had plenty when we got there. What free stuff were we trying to avoid? Plastic baseball bats. Oh yes, please arm the 3 rambunctious kids we have with us with weapons. Genius! There was also a vendor handing out large cowbells. Now that we were properly armed, we took our seats. My dear sweet husband had gotten us great tickets so we were right up close. Which worked out since The boy turned into a heckler the moment we sat down. Not only a heckler, but a loud, obnoxious one at that. 1/2 the people around us were laughing, 1/3 I don’t think could hear, and 1/4 looked pretty darn annoyed (yes, I know that’s more than 100% but give me some slack, I’m tired). For sitting through 5 HOURS of baseball, overall the kids were pretty good. Each got a fly ball from the opposite team and we spent quite a bit of time talking with the 3 people in front of us who were amused by our hecklers. One highlight for sure was when I found a bottle of glittery nail polish in my bag and suddenly had 3 boys begging me to paint their nails. I enjoyed Tweeting my friend Will who is a bit of a baseball fanatic about the turn of events. (And for the record, I only painted 1 pinky nail for each boy). It also rained off and on. It was fun to watch people from the stands rush up to the top to get out of the rain. It’s so rare in Vegas, we try to soak it up as much as we can! We had the cousins sleep over and I promised them Monkey Bread in the morning.

YUM! Have you ever had monkey bread? It’s Amazing and oh so easy. Eric’s aunt made it one time and I’ve been hooked since. This is the first time I’ve attempted to make it and it was delicious!

Here’s the recipe how I made it:

  • 2 packages of buttermilk biscuits
  • 1 bundt pan
  • 1 cup of white sugar
  • 2 tbsp of cinnamon
  • 1/2 cup of chopped walnuts
  • 1 cup of brown sugar
  • 1/4 cup of margarine

Preheat the oven to 350 and spray your bundt pan. Mix the white sugar and cinnamon in a ziploc bag. Cut the biscuits into quarters and drop 6 into the ziploc bag. Shake to coat. Arrange biscuits throughout bundt pan, throwing in walnut pieces as you go. Heat the margarine and brown sugar on the stove and boil for 1 minute. Pour over biscuits and put pain in the oven. Cook for 20 – 25 minutes. When done, pull out and let sit for 10 minutes. Flip over onto a plate and whalah! Cheap, easy, and delicious breakfast/dessert/snack/excuse for the neighbor kids to stay over. ๐Ÿ™‚


Any yummy recipes you are making right now?

Even on a cloudy day…

I love the Cage the Elephant song, ‘Shake me down’. Life has been tumultuous here with no end in sight (if anything, the ante continues to be upped every day). So my apologies on theย  hit or miss blog posting. I have certain blogs that I love and check daily for updates. So I’m committed to getting better about posting. Anyways, back to this song. I *love* it. It will get stuck in my head and stay there Alllllll day. And I don’t even get that annoyed. If you hadn’t heard it, you should check it out. (Lyrics at the bottom). It’s a good way to remember perspective. Everything can be turned around, inside out, upside down.


This month my goal has been to reframe situations. No matter what’s thrown at me. Don’t show up when you’re supposed to? Unexpected free time with my husband, I had to work until 7, meaning it was a 13 hour day? How fortunate that I could drive home when the sun was setting. There are more specific examples but due to the publicness of this blog, those are the only I can share right now. Yesterday was a very trying day. But instead of flipping out, this song popped in my head. I was able to let the situation go and laugh at the ridiculousness of it. At some point, that’s all you can do. You can’t change or control other people. The only thing you’re in control of is yourself. So you might as well laugh. Even on a cloudy day, I’ll keep my eyes fixed on the sun.

“Shake Me Down”

Shake me down,
Not a lot of people left around,
Who knows now,
Softly laying on the ground, ooooh
Not a lot people left around, ooooh. ooooh

In my life, I have seen,
People walk into the sea,
Just to find memories,
Plagued by constant misery,
Their eyes cast down,
Fixed upon the ground,
Their eyes cast down

I’ll keep my eyes fixed on the sun

Shake me down,
Cut my hair on a silver cloud,
Broken sound,
Softly laying on the ground, ooooh
Not a lot people left around, ooooh, ooooh

In my past, bittersweet,
There’s no love between the sheets,
Taste the blood, broken dreams,
Lonely times indeed,
With eyes cast down,
Fixed upon the ground,
Eyes cast down

I’ll keep my eyes fixed on the sun

Turn back now its time for me to let go,
Way down had to find a place to lay low,
Lampshade turned around into a light post

Walk around the corner,
Never saw it coming still,
I try to make a move,
It almost stopped me from belief,
I don’t wanna know the future,
But I’m like rolling thunder,

Even on a cloudy day,
Even on a cloudy day,
Even on a cloudy day,
Even on a cloudy day,
Even on a cloudy day,
Even on a cloudy day,
Even on a cloudy day,

I’ll keep my eyes fixed on the-
I’ll keep my eyes fixed on the-
I’ll keep my eyes fixed on the sun

Shake me down,
Not a lot of people left around, ooooh, ooooh

Tuna Fish Sandwiches

I’m a big fan of tuna fish sandwiches. I’m always wary about eating them when I go out though because there’s a lot of potential for things to go wrong. But yesterday I had a craving for a tuna sandwich from Jimmy John’s. They have amazing sandwiches, super yummy. So that’s where we went for lunch. About 2:30 I started having heartburn and a slight stomachache. I was uncomfortable but it wasn’t the end of the world. By 9 PM however I felt awful. Cold chills, stomachache, headache. Eroc stacked 4 blankets on me but I was still shivering. I’ve had light bouts of food poisoning before but this was probably the worst I have ever experienced. No bueno. I didn’t sleep at all. I’m feeling better but still a little queasy. I imagine I won’t be eating any tuna for quite some time.

This is what today looks like.

Lots of snuggling with the puppies, crappy daytime TV, and a couple of checks on my email to make sure the world isn’t ending. Now it’s time to watch Brothers & Sisters on Netflix.

The Best Laid Plans…

I’ve been looking forward to sleeping in all week. Oh the best laid plans…

First it started with our plans for the day getting rearranged a little. Then it started getting really windy. And for whatever reason by 2:30 this morning I was awake. Like WIDE awake. I started thinking about work and what needed to be done and it was all downhill from there. Now, I’ve gotten much better about being able to calm myself down and go back to sleep. But not today. After laying in bed for an hour, I decided to get up. So to the laptop and TV I went! Fortunately, my DVR had picked up this…

The 1st season of Real Housewives of New York! I just started watching the show last season and got sucked in. I don’t watch a lot of reality TV at all. But I love some of the Real Housewives crews! The drama, the excessiveness, the absurdity. It’s fun. It’s not what I would call quality TV but it’s still enjoyable. That’s usually what TV is anyways, right? An escape. So nothing like some insomnia for an excuse to watch it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Now, how to get through the to-do list I’ve outlined for today without falling asleep will be the next balancing act. Wish me luck!

Do you ever get insomnia? What do you do?

P.S. Craft posts coming this week!