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Remembering Grandpa…

Today is a bittersweet day, mostly tainted by sadness but trying to find the good. 3 years ago today my Grandpa passed. It was unexpected and heartbreaking.

So instead of going into all the things are sad and all the life reflections (maybe later this week?) I’d rather just post some special things about him. I’ve agonized about writing this post – I want it to be special, funny, and touching. But since my writing is still developing and I don’t think I will ever think the post is perfect, I’m just going with it.

Donald C. Moyer

Grandpa was known to the world as Donald C. Moyer. He was a pioneer and a trailblazer who wasn’t afraid to take risks. He was also the 1st President at UNLV.

He was a gentle soul, always loving and kind. He drove sportscars – and when I was little he’d let me stand in the seat through the sun roof as he would zoom down hills. He taught classes and was a counselor at Central Christian Church. I remember going to one of his classes and he started it off with a marshmallow fight so everyone would relax.

He’d wake up at 4 am and read his books, making notes for his therapy sessions later. He was a master wood craftsman and made beautiful, amazing cutouts to decorate the yard. He also made beautiful clocks out of wood. He was an inventor and one-of a kind. Not a single day goes by that I don’t think of him.

He always had a hammock and would take a nap in it. He loved being outdoors and we would often go play in the park with badmitton or a ball. He liked junk food and loved buffets. Snoballs were a preferred favorite.

I try to strive to be like him. He was an amazing human being and we were all so lucky to have him in our lives.

To remember him today, I’m going to pull out one of his therapist’s books that are outlined with his notes in it and climb into his hammock. Then when I get up I’m eating a great big Snoball. Remember to hug your loved ones and enjoy your days.


Solar Powered…

I’m slightly convinced that I am really solar powered. I used to be a complete night owl but business and kids and life have tried to cure me of this. I find myself waking up early and (trying) to go to bed early. I didn’t realize how draining winter is. However, I find that since daylight savings, I am getting so much more done. Getting out of the office and having the sun still be up is a HUGE mood changer. I don’t feel like my night is gone and I need to go home and get ready for bed. Instead I have time to write slightly boring blog posts!!

Right now I am laying out in the backyard, laughing at the dogs who are using me as their playground. The sky looks like it’s on fire as the sun sets and 10 minutes later, it’s gone for another day. But I so enjoy getting to see it! And I feel happy. There is so much going on in my life right now – a lot of it is out of my control but it is still upsetting nonetheless. But being able to be outside and write this blog post without it being pitch dark feels amazing. I am trying to embrace the good and leave out the bad (aren’t we all). So before I ramble off into a pity party or an existential rant –

My questions to you – what are you doing with these extra sunlight hours? What are your thoughts on the solar powered theory? Do you think it is energizing? And what are you looking forward to?

Indiana Jones Houdini



I decided 2 years ago that I really wanted a tortoise. Well really a turtle but after doing some research I decided I wanted a tortoise. I bought Speedy Scuba Steve from PetSmart. We had him for almost a year before he disappeared one day. I left him in the backyard and when Eric went to get him, he was gone. We searched for 4 hours with 6 of us and still didn’t find him. It was heartbreaking.
A few months later I was searching on Craigslist and stumbled upon someone who had found a Russian tortoise. I went to see him on the off chance it was Scuba. It wasn’t but they sent the tortoise home with me anyway. I decided he needed a different name so we came up with Indiana Jones Houdini. Indy for short and a reference to his sense of adventure.
     He has been hibernating for the last 4 months. On Daylight Savings he woke up. He’s been on the crawl since. He wants out of his tank constantly. And he’s eating like a horse! I let him out Thursday and he spent 20 minutes trying to eat a toy motorcycle. Friday night he climbed into a bookshelf. And tonight he’s been stalking the dogs. He crawls over to them and then gets right next to them. He’s a wonderful addition to our family and im so grateful to have him here.

Lions and Tigers and Exes, oh my!

Oh life. How it just has a way of kicking your ass sometimes.

Our lives are very rollercoastery (is that a word? It is now, since you understand what I’m talking about)  at the moment. Sorry for the vagueness, but I won’t be able to divulge details until later down the road. But let’s just say that is draining, exhausting, stressful, tiring, and awful. Sounds like fun doesn’t it? Not really. It’s making it difficult to focus on everything else on my already overwhelming to-do list. Throw in some food sickness, computer problems, work eruptions, and you have a recipe for disaster. So if you are experiencing the side-effects of this at the moment, my sincere apologies. It’s not personal, it’s not forever, and I will catch up with you – honest! But if you can hang in there in the meantime, I’d really appreciate it.

Ok enough whining. Oh wait, let’s continue with the whining but move onto craft whining. I haven’t had time for crafts lately. However, at some point, I will go crazy and glue popsicle sticks on the wall if I don’t craft. Fortunately one of my best friends had a birthday this weekend and since money is tight and she is a fellow crafter, I decided I’d make her this project I’d earmarked a year ago. Plates. Decorative glass plates. I want to do a whole tutorial on them but I’d like to share a couple of thoughts beforehand: 1) Don’t wait until the day before a gift is due to start making it if it’s something you’ve never done before & is a little intense. 2) Don’t spray paint in the wind 3) Take a picture of the finished project before you give it to the recipient! With Eric’s help, I was able to complete the gift and I think she loved it! Now I just need her to send me a picture and I will finish the tutorial and post (hopefully this weekend but if I don’t get it up, don’t be upset, ok? See above if that doesn’t make sense).

Monday I had the day off and a long list of plans. Except I woke up at 6:30 AM with extreme pain in my right eye. Like someone is stabbing it, OMG what’s wrong, am I going to have to gouge it out with a plastic utensil pain. I laid in bed for 2 hours like this, with my eye constantly watering and trying to figure out what I was going to do and at what point would it be acceptable to wake Eric up. 8:30 when he started to stir, I finally blurted out crying – Oh my God, my eye, my eye. What a nice way to wake up your husband on his day off. (Sorry love!) So he went to the store to get eye wash to see if that would help (I’m all about avoiding Dr.’s offices). And then the real fun began. You see, I kinda freak out about eye wash. I always have but my dear sweet husband has never had to experience it. Eric brought it home and told me to wash my eye out. I freaked out, threw a temper tantrum (complete with tears!), and kinda refused to use the eye wash. But the pain! So finally Eric held me down and washed my eye out (My husband’s a lucky guy, isn’t he? LOL). After about 10 minutes the pain subsided and my eye made a recovery. I even washed it out myself at the end of the day, just to be on the safe side. But it  messed up my plans for the day.

In the afternoon I decided to craft. I had a great idea of using yarn and glue and a balloon to make a bowl for my Pay It Forward recipients (You guys didn’t know the craziness you signed up for, did you?). I spent about 2 1/2 hours or almost 4 Secret Life of the American Teenager episodes working on it. I was so excited. It looked so pretty. I let it dry and then this morning I popped the balloon so I could admire my bowl. But as soon as I popped the balloon, my bowl disintegrated. And all I was left with was this:

Pretty sad, isn’t it? And not bowl-like at all. I forgot to take a picture of it on the balloon so you could see it in it’s “bowl” glory. I have some ideas on what went wrong. So my plan is to do a design that is less labor-intensive and try it out before I make another one like this. We will see how it goes. If not, don’t worry PIF people – I will come up with something equally weird instead of a yarn bowl. Have no fear!

For now, it’s time to bed. Wake-up time is in less than 7 hours and I need my beauty sleep.

Happy Valantine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today, whether you are in a relationship or coming out of one, try to express your love for someone in your life. 🙂 You’ll feel good.

Tuna Fish Sandwiches

I’m a big fan of tuna fish sandwiches. I’m always wary about eating them when I go out though because there’s a lot of potential for things to go wrong. But yesterday I had a craving for a tuna sandwich from Jimmy John’s. They have amazing sandwiches, super yummy. So that’s where we went for lunch. About 2:30 I started having heartburn and a slight stomachache. I was uncomfortable but it wasn’t the end of the world. By 9 PM however I felt awful. Cold chills, stomachache, headache. Eroc stacked 4 blankets on me but I was still shivering. I’ve had light bouts of food poisoning before but this was probably the worst I have ever experienced. No bueno. I didn’t sleep at all. I’m feeling better but still a little queasy. I imagine I won’t be eating any tuna for quite some time.

This is what today looks like.

Lots of snuggling with the puppies, crappy daytime TV, and a couple of checks on my email to make sure the world isn’t ending. Now it’s time to watch Brothers & Sisters on Netflix.

The Best Laid Plans…

I’ve been looking forward to sleeping in all week. Oh the best laid plans…

First it started with our plans for the day getting rearranged a little. Then it started getting really windy. And for whatever reason by 2:30 this morning I was awake. Like WIDE awake. I started thinking about work and what needed to be done and it was all downhill from there. Now, I’ve gotten much better about being able to calm myself down and go back to sleep. But not today. After laying in bed for an hour, I decided to get up. So to the laptop and TV I went! Fortunately, my DVR had picked up this…

The 1st season of Real Housewives of New York! I just started watching the show last season and got sucked in. I don’t watch a lot of reality TV at all. But I love some of the Real Housewives crews! The drama, the excessiveness, the absurdity. It’s fun. It’s not what I would call quality TV but it’s still enjoyable. That’s usually what TV is anyways, right? An escape. So nothing like some insomnia for an excuse to watch it. 🙂

Now, how to get through the to-do list I’ve outlined for today without falling asleep will be the next balancing act. Wish me luck!

Do you ever get insomnia? What do you do?

P.S. Craft posts coming this week!