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I think I’ve Lost My Mind…

Sorry it’s been awhile since posting. I’ve been working frantically on creating crafts for a big show I did last weekend (which went wonderfully thank you for asking) and then I knew it had been awhile since I posted so I’d built it up in my head as this need to do a great, funny and insightful post. I was choking on the pressure! Finally I just decided heck to it and I’d post something, even if it was horribly boring (my apologies).

Since I’ve recovered from breaking my foot I’ve been itching to be more active. Nothing like taking away a girl’s mobility for a few months to make her appreciate it! I’ve done some small stuff, like kicked a ball with the kids, and ran in the backyard but nothing extreme. A couple of months ago Eric mentioned to me that he thought we should sign up for a 5k. Having just recovered from breaking my foot, my ambitious, spontaneous, not good at thinking things through self, said Sure babe! That sounds great. The race is tomorrow and I’m thinking to myself, “What the hell have I signed up for? I have no business running a 1k, let alone a 5k.” So needless to say I am freaking out a little. Real athletes (or people that are less procrastinators than I) would’ve been training for the time leading up to the marathon. Oh, but not me. Yes, I’ve done some random exercising on the elliptical but my plan had been to run/jog/walk around the block for the last 2 weeks. I just got my running shoes last night so you can tell how well that plans gone. So let’s see what happens tomorrow!

I have had a little bit of training for this though by subbing on Eric’s soccer team. That actually deserves a post in itself so I will save that for next time 🙂